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2nd contribution.................more skin. Thank you so much for all the positive comments on my 1st contribution, here are some more.

more melons and vulva

A journey in a london Taxi is always entertaining with the Camden Damsel. Why not check out her fresh FREE site leave a message or send in a request - we may be able to help.

Just Monique

Thank you for the excellent comments on my very first venture here at VW. I hope you love this one as much as I luved getting painted.

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Please title Kim Wants You! Post these in RC by August 15, and my paramour will see what is waiting for him. Already have plans for a hot visit. Eyeing these would only add to the fun!


    Wrote tlzaars

    your got guts and style! respect! superb

    Wrote clmas

    I bet hubby rushes home everyday. I know I would.

    Wrote Gentlman1

    #1: The Coppertone Girl is alive and well in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wrote SminkyPinky

    Mr. Yuck A?es tonto?

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    Only guys looking for somewhere to park their cocks will tell her. And it will probably work for them

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    What an exotic beauty she is...such an incredible smile, too!

    Wrote igloo57

    che bella figa che sei, complimenti

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    Wrote agg123

    Yeah! I like your very small tits. Almost all nipple - and yummy looking.

    Wrote willynill

    love these pics ur right you have lovely wifey, you know I hate boots but this is very first time i actualy saved pics with boots on usualy just hop past excellent photoes love you stilettos and gams

    Wrote Gina88

    Bad kitten!!!! love it xxx

    Wrote bigbikr38

    i spotted the needle too

    Wrote fantassyl

    That is a very sexy movie clip! I wish I still had my home clips account. I'd love to see how you got that jeep dirty.

    Wrote xThaDirty

    Voted SUPERB - because of HAIR on the nice body/Shaved woman - is no woman!

    Wrote Lena_fan

    Fantastic set of tits! It's so hot you like to flash them!!

    Wrote CumForYou83

    Lobe your tee-shirt, just does something for you ,.... And me!

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    love your shaven labia i would love to suc your bouth wholes and make you come with my tong pleeeeeeaaaase

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    Hi, I gave you a "superb" not because of your fetish, but because you have a wonderful figure and I love your certain "look"your HOTTT,my guess is your one sweet fuck! USA

    Wrote playstati

    You capture such infrequent and precious views so well! OUTSTANDING!

    Wrote dongertx

    Love the undies - - Love the snatch !!!

    Wrote pumaking

    Nice bod. Get a fresh camera/cameraman and attempt copying poses from other models. Do spunk again.

    Wrote Stern100

    Mmmmm..I would love to have some joy with those bunz...especially if she wearing that panty.

    Wrote celtenal

    What a nice looking cootchie. Post more of this lovely lady.

    Wrote cas_paar_

    very, very old pictures. I bet shes in a rest home now.

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    Good Clam!!

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    Give me a home amounts the gum trees !!!

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    This was your best contri to date -- until you cut off the bottom half of her "pussy" in Picture 6.P-O-O-R!Obey the rules for content in a "Private Shots" contri!

    Wrote ShavedBiGuy

    If I make it to heaven, it won't be 72 virgins waiting for me, it will be her and her gorgeous donk.

    Wrote dildofist

    Indeed superb work. Wonderful angle. And what a hot woman, with a superb caboose, and lovely cootchie. Sure she emerges a little goofy, but still hardened me up. Thanks.

    Wrote dannydevon

    pimples on the ass...lmao!

    Wrote jerkking

    Yummy! want some help breakin it in?...

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    Sexy contri! The only thing that would have made it finer would be to have a duo of guys walk by and get to see, maybe take a few pic's for you or even get to jack off while watching. If Kelsey chose to help them out, even finer. Thanks for sha

    Wrote drony

    ho-hum... Y A W N ..........

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    i love your body..i can't immagine something more beautiful than your's..from italy, maxipupi11@gmail.comciao!

    Wrote katevaughn

    is this one your wifey Danny boy/girl ?????

    Wrote bollicky40

    Kinda like a tribute to the real Betty Page who just passed away a few days ago.Thanks.

    Wrote sierra-ni

    Super figure, nice composition - see cock-squeezing hips - but why the <>?*% can't you put the sundress out of glance. Redo.

    Wrote Numero5

    Get a finer camera.

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    Nice titties and a very exquisite looking clit!!!

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    photo. where is that lake?


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