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Hot contributions

We've sent a few batches of photos today, (Sandy #3, #4, etc.). If possible, can you spread them out over the course of a few days? We're anxious to know what you think. Thanks.

My Wifey - no story

A Day Of Play - A fabulous day of play. Our very first contri hope you like can't wait for the comments.I think I'm the luckiest stud in the world 41yrs Three kids still taut raw and wonderful

sleeping in

This is our 2nd time posting. Love this site. We like looking at others contributions. Thank you for the fine comments last time.

Hooters out

Loves getting naked anywhere. At the pool. In the work parking lot. Driving. soirees. hot tubs. Work Elevators. Work bathrooms. friends houses and bathrooms. Big time soiree doll.

Sandra public pantyhose

These Pix were taken at a local park... The people below us could see the fash going off, & might have got a display. Hope U love them .... It was alot of joy taking them....


    Wrote Tomtomtom

    Aha...glad your back...I love the mature ladies who are still confident in their are a beauty !!!!

    Wrote el_b

    phew if thats your first contri cant wait til your wnd u r well hot

    Wrote benj07

    Absolutely amazing. I'd love to see more.

    Wrote til88

    Would love to see a pic of you while you are smiling. Beautiful woman with a great body, but with a smile. Would be one of the best ever.

    Wrote mikeyncl

    who's the one dick who voted thumbs down?

    Wrote masternice

    take some photography classes

    Wrote HenryDu

    What a WASTE of some Fine Tits. Don't you know you have ruined your body because you have low self asteem!

    Wrote cunnyling

    WOW! Superb! Wish I was there! Show more!

    Wrote asiankitt

    I am a photographer let me do the images for you please . tired of taking pictures of myself , looks like we both have small dicks .

    Wrote mrrock69

    Fantastic! I can't wait to see Kerry again.

    Wrote no1oneS44

    loose the bottoms and lets see those pussy lips....

    Wrote BuzzKilli

    it is easy to see this woman is gorgeous. good for her for taking some risks and exploring something new.

    Wrote TasosGeo

    Being nude is great! Last pic is the best!

    Wrote heibujako

    Panama City is not in Cuba. Try the capital of the canal zone, central America. and the woman there are some of the sexest and the best fucks ever. 68-69. Crystal Pistol, Over the bridge and on the left side on the corner.

    Wrote jbparise

    Bangkok Redlight district... Better hope your wife does`nt find these...

    Wrote tightman0

    Wow. Ok, everybody's got the right to get their groove on and do whatever makes 'em hard. But socks? really? jezus

    Wrote jumi_knig

    do you advertise? In order to get the models to work with you?

    Wrote John_G

    Lovely contri - just wish I could be in the photos instead of your hubby. Oh well....

    Wrote Apostal

    String up UP AND DRIVE!

    Wrote nickkenny2

    Oh yes very nice

    Wrote NikolaSRB

    interesting but unusual

    Wrote Bald

    What a pretty doll. It's such a pity that there are only Three pics.

    Wrote bj69

    Are you kidding..unsure of her sexiness??...she is as hot as a frying pan!! her wedding ring in your next set...that makes her even hotter!!

    Wrote Tigerman33

    wowwwwwwwwgreat looking haiey bushnever trim it

    Wrote coitusmax

    Anywhere with you!!

    Wrote rino11

    if i dont eyed her vulva i think she is a faggot

    Wrote dlsexyfun

    LL, that sweet little tushie of yours is absolutely priceless. It makes me want to go after you anywhere/everywhere.

    Wrote jerkcum

    Thanks, sexy lady.

    Wrote GOTTARDI

    Ooh your look is very innocent...I love to look your tits splashed with hot cum!!

    Wrote summerbon

    Yeah so plucky, a nude nymph in Europe. It doesn't count since nakedness is so commonplace where this "woman" is at.

    Wrote DaniBanani

    She looks wonder...and joy. Like the plaything activity.

    Wrote xxxme

    I love to see clitties sucked, but choose to do it with my mouth and tongue. Demonstrate it after being sucked. Bet it got big.

    Wrote fjort

    Beautiful, would love to see more! Thanks.

    Wrote Timbo84

    looks like a joy package

    Wrote mrproper1

    I know most of you guys are mad because there's little nakedness here today, but think of how I sense every day. I always want to see pics of nice hard inflated shafts, but no one ever posts those kind of pics here.

    Wrote str82caribe

    I wish I knew you better!!


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