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This is my belowed wifey baring his beautiful assets in her Wicked Weasel swimsuits. Pics taken during our past holidays in Bodrum and Fethiye

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Stikjock's Lady's 2nd contribution, nastier this time! We had the Spongebob t-shirt and thought this would be jokey and sexy at the same time. Any requests for anything else out there?

Marlene flashing in a pub.

hihi, 2nd posting from sexy & salty marie. Pls go effortless on me, okay ? Love all your positive comments. Hubby and I travel a lot, our next stop is boston.

This is my bod . . .

It's been several years since I put a contri up. I'm sure many of you were eased. Well I proceed to age (44 now) and an Five pounds overweight; Oooops.


M* In The Garden Two thanks for all your comments last time,heres some more of the same.p.s i live in west country & would like comments from any women out there.


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    Super yummy. Thanks for the great pics.

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    Not even worth looking at without a face.

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    Change your camera!

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    Nudist Camp for Wayward Girls...UMMMMM ??? Where do i find this place and when i go in and don't come out ??? 'DON'T SEND ANYBODY AFTER ME' !!!

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    Wrote cod5w1

    awful tattoos. my name's not patrick.

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    YES-- We would like to see more :) Tahnks for sharing

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    I can smell it from here!

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    Very nice chick - I would love so much to fuck her into all fuck holes.

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    The last Two pix are superb !

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    Dear Emmakaye,always excellent to see your sexy curveslove to get my forearms on your sexy bodworld class titties

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    Pics taken in a brothel/club?

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    LLW , Mr. Koss is such a lucky man, to have such a beautiful and super sexy wifey , LOVE all of your pictures hon, sure do wish I knew y`all !!!!!

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    Superb for Karrina. That's the spirit, keep it on. Wonder why the dude (assume his a guy) that wrote the story said you are a "sub wife"... either I'm missing something or that comment is not adequate

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    Absolutely gorgeous assets. Made my hard dick jizm very hard. More, please.

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