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questo A? un assaggio di nutella....decideremo dai commenti se A? il caso di continuare questo nuovo gioco e postare altre foto

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These were taken by my paramour at his room. I wished to put my hair up for the shoot but I had to put my hair down this time since my paramour thought it looked finer. Love,


Lori Showcasing Pink My little dark-skinned fox displaying pink for the enjoyment of all studs and ladies who like to see a lady display herself sans inhibition. Love

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Some people go to see the festival, I went to see the gals... Not much bareness here, but the femmes are truly nice ;) All photos were shot with 300mm telephoto lens from a safe distance ;)

hope you love em !

Marylyne is a 45 year old French Canadian mom and wifey who works as a bank teller in Montreal. She is just re-discovering her sexiness with some help. All comments welcome. Emails answered.


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