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Hot contributions

WARNING!!! I am tattooed and am almost Six months preggo, so if that's going to get your undies in a bunch then nicer not to look!

One night...

I just had my 3rd baby so I was a little jumpy about putting my photos on the web (this is my very first time). But me hubby insists that I'm 'gorgeous as ever.' Hope you agree and love.

the best booty

No story, just some pics taken at different times to my wifey. She doesn't know about them and either they are published in VW. If comments are good, more to come

il mio wyfe per voi

I do not have access to the archives of 2003 but I think it was then that we had made an initial contribution from us on our patio, in black and milky photos.

Peace to you all

This little panty was a Valentine's day surprise from my hubby, I had to attempt on instantly and take some sexy photos. I think it's beautiful, what's your oppinion?


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    Also, I have hosted a ropes group in the past. Good times ...

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