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This is mrs kards very first pictures taken and submitted. She is a bit bashful but likes to meet fresh people on CUSEEME. If the comments are good she might post more. Please dont post Email address.

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Howdy Everyone, These are some pictures of a friend of mine. This is her very first time doing this and she is dying to flash off her bod and find out what you all think of it!

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Hi everyone! Thank you for your wonderful comments and votes. Here are the rest of photos we took this autumn. You spotted part 1 in octomber. Love them!

next time.

Vacationing in Dublin... pint after pint of Guinness... folk song after folk song... imagine our spirits as we returned to the motel. for some joy for you too!!!

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ok, the last one didn't make so i'll attempt again. this one is alittle finer quality. keep up the go work. please, no email displaying


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