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This is My wifey Anna for you. She is unaware for this. Thanks. Mia moglie Anna per voi. Lei non sa che le sue foto sono qui. Grazie

wifey loves to flash

Libby In The Sunshine Spent a few hours at a Horbor side park the other day. Snapped a few shots when we could. Thought I'd share them with you.

Another one for you :)

Went shopping, brought home this hooter-sling and panty set with all of you in mind. Want to share the results!!! Love I love reading your thoughts

Old pic of my wifey

We worked up to doing many conri's in one night. Purchased some lights and attempted to set up a mini studio. Did they come out ok?

Fantasy Jamboree 2008

When I witnessed the special theme for this month, I couldn't wait to put my see thru undies on and taunt you. I hope you love the show!


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