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It is eventually getting warmer in Northern Cali so hubby and I took a drive along a sea. We found this little town tucked away and stoped to take some shots. Enjoy!!

Best Holidays ever!!!!!

Please find here affixed some photos of my gf Marzia.We wish to receive comments from couples worldwide. Ecco le foto di Marzia,ci piacerebbe ricevere commenti in particolar modo da coppie.

Demonstrating off at playa.

Hi everybody. I was at the crimson clouds meet the gals converse the other week and I had so much joy I just had to take some pictures. Here are some for your enjoyment.

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Hi this is Lili again. Thank you for all the nice Comments. Danke wool die vielen Kommentare. Ich komme ubrigens aus Duren, das liegt zwischen Koeln und Aachen.

some pics from the weekend

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