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Hot contributions

2nd part of the series, after the plage we went to the motel for some private nude session of's the result...hope you love it...

Slow Sunday!

A duo of months ago my spouse & I went away for the weekend. Due to the cold & snow, we spent most of our time in the motel room. Here are a few pics of that trip!

xXx Tira & Gattina xXx

With you & those who like the views attention response has me interested to flash more so All those pictures of me over our years take them out and let's Deepthroat The Dust Off Blur Face & share.

Boulder-holder smells good enough

Sweet'S Titts - This is my Gf Sweet.. she was wearing lingery and I asked to pose for some photos. She knows I like her and you too so posed funny....Enjoy the photos!

Went to Rome lasr weekend

This took place in a Hot spot in Louisville, Mardi Gras Night!! What a NIGHT... My friends stood me up JB, SS, and MS, so I will post on here!!! Its amazing what ladies will do for .10 beads!!!


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